Bringing Change

Over more than 15 years, Via Joes has developed an extensive network of mills, factories and artisanal craftspeople that help us transform high design into fabric and apparel. We believe in bringing change through empowering our workforce, and by increasingly ensuring Fair Trade compliance amongst our manufacturing partners.
The Via Joes Way

We believe that sustainability and economic viability go hand in hand.

We believe in human made, and that all trade must be fair.

We believe whilst it isn’t necessary to create waste, it is our responsibility to use it.

We believe in sharing knowledge and growing together.

We believe sustainability is the standard, what sets us apart is the beauty in the products we create.
Our inspirations stem from the craftspeople and artisans of the Indian subcontinent, some of which still manage to subsist today. We are continually promoting and exploring this rich heritage of textile manufacturing.
Our Clients

The Team

Innovation & Sustainability
Baber Iftikhar

Baber loves creating new products from what's already around us. He believes that sustainability is at the core of Supply Chain Innovation and that one cannot expect to make a quality product without having an understanding of its origin. His passion for traveling helps him discover unique sources and ways to create products that last.

Joseph Thomas

Joseph enjoys 35 years of manufacturing experience. He learned the craft of making clothes early on, by getting involved in his family's apparel manufacturing business. Everything made at Via Joe's imbibes the values that Joseph learnt from his years of hands on experience. He believes a good design is one that also performs efficiently on the production floor. When he's not inspecting textiles & apparel, he's harvesting coconuts on his beach house.

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