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Product Development

From introducing the revolutionary concept of ring-spinning, to integrating age-old practices of creating natural dyes with just fruits & vegetables, product development is where Via Joes truly shines. As self-proclaimed gurus of garment deconstruction (a craft in itself!), we’re constantly working with our designers to find new way of engineering specialized garments, that match the desired price points.

When developing a product with our clients, our first step is to identify its inspiration. Then, with the help of our team of manufacturing & material experts, we get to work. With fabric, we open it up to fully understand its yarns & fibers. And with clothing, we’ll completely deconstruct its seams & stitches and get to grips with its fit, before re-engineering it into desired form & function.

But the proof is in the pudding they say, so when you turn a Via Joes garment inside out you’ll notice that it’s just as beautiful on the inside as the out. We pride ourselves in developing products that meet the requirements of high design, whilst remaining efficient to run through production.

We love extending our knowledge about sustainable products that are good for the planet and the people. We constantly work with start-ups and budding fashion brands to help them design and create a line that has sustainability at its core. We help them to experience and understand the manufacturing environment to bridge the gap between design and manufacturing.

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At Via Joes, we believe that great design and efficient production go hand in hand. When developing textiles & apparel, we like to bridge the gap between design and manufacturing.

Our technicians ensure that our clients and production team are both on the same page and equally satisfied with what’s being fed into the lines.

Multi-product capability within our factories allows us to better cater to our clients’ varying needs, whilst offering faster ways of developing & delivering apparel. Some of our factories can now handle both knit & woven fabrics within the same production unit. Along with speed-to-market programs, these are just some of the ways in which we’re constantly striving to shorten our development and production lead-times.

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Quality Assurance

Quality is the integrity of our product. Its starts at design & development stage and ends at packed boxes labeled, inspected and ready to be shipped. Our focus lies in building quality in the mindset of our sewing operators. It's the dedication towards achieving zero defects and a belief that we can get there.

Product Technicians at Via Joe's provide support to factories in all areas of product development & pre-production so quality is also built into the product that ensures smooth & efficient production run.

An AQL standard along with a systematic in-line inspection procedure is established. Via Joe's dedicates a team of on-ground quality auditors to ensure product integrity in the final product.

Fabric Development

Fabric is at the very heart of what we do. Whether in terms of inspiring design, or as the core focus of our sustainability efforts.

At Via Joes, a team of experts is solely dedicated to developing & innovating fabrics. This allows our clients to plan & prepare well ahead of the season.

Additionally, over the years we have developed a wide network of reputable mills including spinners, knitters, weavers and finishers, all of whom share our dedication to sustainable solutions. Which is precisely why today Via Joes offers the most extensive fabric library of sustainable textiles in the industry.

Social Compliance

Our manufacturing partners are compliant to the highest social & labor standards established according to local laws, rules & regulations.

We plan and coordinate social compliance audits of our manufacturing partners on behalf of our clients. We encourage and assist our manufacturing partners in achieving social compliance certifications as per the requirement of our clients.

Our partnerships are built on collaboration and transparency. Via Joe's aspires to engage both our customers and manufacturers to bring about a systematic change that improves the lives of our working community.

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We're a business that considers all of our artisan partners and customers as members of one big extended family. We're all on this planet together and when we work cooperatively we can create incredible change.
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Sustainability is our responsibility and therefore we have made it an integral part of our process.

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