Keeping The Craft Alive

May 10, 2021

Desk-loom weaving involves the whole body and mind, getting the coordination between hands, feet, eyes and mind is key.

Desk-loom artisans belong to a community of hand weavers who have been weaving fabrics for the past centuries. They have the knowledge and knowhow of any weave that allows them to transform a digitally created design into real fabric. Since it is a small scale and handmade, we have the ability to play with pattern, colour, texture, weight and hand-feel of the desired fabric.

Once designers approve desk-loom fabric, we move on to producing fabric in large scale weaving. Machine automation is rapidly replacing work done by desk-loom artisans. However, we believe that when developing high value intricate designs, desk-loom is far more suitable. Our team at Via Joe’s constantly creates new and innovative fabric designs in order to highlight the craft and capabilities of this artisan community.

According to the ministry of textiles in India, there were close to 4 million hand weavers just a few decades back. In the state of Tamil Nadu alone there were almost 350,000 hand weavers. Today there are no more than 25,000 left in the entire state. Via Joe’s along with our network of suppliers involve over 1000 hand weavers every year. We give them consistent business so their craft & amp; tradition can be kept alive.