Yarns That Inspire

May 10, 2021

Yarn is the most basic source of raw material that makes fabric. It literally determines the fate of fabric. Innovation in fabric has to start from sourcing or creating its yarn. An exceptional yarn can become inspiration for developing a new fabric and sometimes a compelling fabric encourages us to backward engineer its appropriate yarn. Via Joe’s work with a network of highly accomplished yarn mills always ready to take on our product development challenges.

Ring spinning is system of making premium quality yarns. It allows for flexibility to make finer quality yarns. From coloured mélanges, fine organic cotton counts, low impact recycled cotton yarns, novelties like twisted yarns & griddled yarns to multi fiber performance blends, Via Joe’s takes pride in the diversity of yarn types it has developed with its spinning partners.

The biggest challenge faced by spinning industry is energy consumption. Via Joe’s works with energy efficient producers who believe in being environment conscious and cost effective at the same time. We believe to be sustainable also means to be economically viable.